Land & Orchard Clearing Services (See our videos below)

Hogan's Landing Clearing has been operating since 1996. In those 20 plus years we are known throughout the industry for efficiently and cost-effectively tackling jobs we take on.

Commercial land clearing is a key component to the start of any large development or construction project. Orchard clearing also is a start for new development or the planting of new trees. Although the terrain can be almost as unpredictable as the California weather Hogan's Land Clearing Inc. can tackle your project with confidence and complete the task at hand.

Hogan's full-service fleet of specialty heavy-duty equipment and highly trained operators allow you to rest assured that your project is being completed by leading professionals in the industry.

When your orchards have aging trees or whatever the reason to require orchard clearing Hogan's has the necessary equipment to get the job done efficiently and effectively. Your land will be cleared and prepared for future planting.

Take a look at our services and contact us for more details on how we can accommodate your needs. 

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Weekly Update

1-30-2019 We have had a pretty busy start to 2019.  Schedule your free estimates for land clearing, orchard clearing, deep ripping and any of our other services to beat the spring rush. 

Video Of New Job

Check back often to view  new jobs we take on. 

Peach Orchard Removal

Deep Ripping Service

Hogan's Land Clearing Inc. Deep Ripping Service Videos

Ochard Removal Service

Hogan's Land Clearing Inc. Caruthers, California.


Hogans Land Clearing & Orcharding Clearing


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